Charming Hunan Trip of Climbing


Yinhe people became more united during year 2020.We can optimistic face difficulties and worked hard to achieve the targets.We met the target sales growth in the 2020 year.

Autumn is a season for tourism. The Double Ninth Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, is approaching in October. In order to increase the happiness of employees, YinHe leaders and employees work together to organize a four-day sightseeing tour on October 20, 2020.

The trip was supported by its directors and leaders, and extensive Suggestions were collected and carefully prepared, from the determination of travel time, to the selection of travel lines, to the arrangement of tourist attractions and travel itineraries. The vice President of Yinehe led the team, not only to ensure the health and safety of the team, but also to relax the body and mind of employees.

Through this trip, we can not only see the beautiful views and taste the delicious food, but also promote the cooperation and exchange of each group, which lays a solid foundation for future unity and cooperation.

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